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MoonWillow Tai Chi ​Classes

Yang 12 Tai Chi Form

This is our beginner level form comprised of 12 movements from the first section of the Yang 108. You will learn key principles that are the foundation of Tai Chi, as well as important methods for grounding, mindfulness, and cultivating peace and harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Most can learn this form and memorize it within a few months. Each student learns at their own pace. There are no belt rankings in Tai Chi, only personal improvement. It is your first step to better health and well-being. Try it for FREE in Allyn's Saturday 10:30 AM Zoom class, then become a member or class pack holder to learn more and perfect!

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Yang 108 Tai Chi Long Form

This is the granddaddy form in Yang Style Tai Chi, known as the 108 Long Form, comprised of - you guessed it - 108 movements. It takes on average 3 years to learn the whole Long Form and get it into muscle memory. Then you continue to refine and improve, which is a lifelong journey - but well worth it! The Yang 108 is broken into three sections: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Our Intermediate classes cover 1st-2nd, and our Advanced classes work on the entire 108. In addition, Allison offers Masters Workshops in each section throughout the year, as well as intensive training programs for certified Tai Chi teachers-to-be or anyone who is dedicated to mastering these movements to improve quality of life. 

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Tai Chi Ball Workout!

Originally developed for weapons training - to strengthen the spine, joints, and muscle groups head to toe - Tai Chi Ball Qigong has been resurrected as an invigorating workout that provides more cardio than your typical Tai Chi class. Beginners should use a ball without weight to begin (a simple plastic ball of 6-8" diameter or equivalent), then work up to the traditional wooden ball, starting at 2-3 lbs. Wooden balls may be purchased through MoonWillow. We offer 4 Tai Chi Ball classes each week - come ready to sweat and have a ball!

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Chair Tai Chi 

This program we like to call "Healing Movement for Every Body" was developed by Allison over a 20-year period, and is perfect for those who are unable to stand for long periods of time, have balance issues, or recovering from injury or surgery. It's also great for anyone who just loves a full body workout from a chair! Allison works you head to toe in this fun, relaxing class. Included are exercises for heart, lungs, immunity, range of motion, brain and body coordination, hands and fingers, and eye exercises, too! Each class ends with a healing visualization that will put you in a beautiful place to carry into your day. Check out samples on our YouTube channel or join Allison for a FREE Zoom Chair Tai Chi class on Fridays at 10:30 AM! Book through our Wellness Living platform. 

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